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Bellingham's Free Week of Virtual Wellness Classes:


How to Create Sustainable Self Care Practices


Dec. 14th through Dec. 20th

A Curated Gift to Our Community from Local Health and Wellness Businesses, Hosted by Flow Shala 

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Week of Wellness Mission:


A collaboration of Bellingham's health & wellness businesses:

To empower our community to gain new skills for movement, stress reduction and self care in a time of isolation and change. 

To connect with our community at large to hold space for those in need of support. 

To share our knowledge and expertise as an act of service to Whatcom County business, individuals and health care workers who may benefit from a regular self care practice.

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Featured teachers:

Cat Enright- 3 Oms Yoga

12/14 Monday 11AM (kick off class!)

Yoga for Anxiety and Stress reduction

Take a 1 hour break to be soothed with some simple, gentle yoga. You will learn to use your breath, affirmations and your body to reconnect to yourself, to your community.

Summer Huntington- Flow Shala

12/14 Monday 6PM (kick off class!)

The art and Science of Flow State

Flow State is a state of hyper awareness, where our mind and body can sync into presence and calm. Learn how to trigger Flow state as a sustainable means to regular self care. Expect to learn 5 ways to integrate Flow into your daily life so you can reduce stress and get more energy and focus now!

Lise Flora Waugh- The Metta Center

12/15 Tuesday 10AM

Free Your Joints and Rest Will Follow

Feeling stuck? Stiff? Not as free as you'd like to be? Let your tensions melt away with these simple joint freeing, breath based exercises. No special equipment, no experience needed. Once we've explored the freedom in your joints, then a restful guided meditation to integrate your new found freedom.

Tawni Lester- Intent Hot Yoga

12/15 Tuesday 6PM

Live with Intent: The Power of Setting Intentions On and Off the Mat

In a time of so much uncertainty, you may find yourself just going through the motions. Intentions, both in our yoga practice and daily life, allow you to move through life with purpose, awareness, & compassion. In this workshop, we will focus on how to weave in your intentions, both on and off the mat, with mindful movement and breath to live a more present and intentional life. Suitable for all levels.

Adrienne Wrightson- Inside Out Bellingham

12/16 Wednesday 10AM

Movement Snacks from the Gyrotonic Repertoire

Isolation and short days tend to make us curl up and close in. These easy dance like exercises to do in a chair can help us find moments of opening.

Claire Zurbrugg- Bellingham Yoga Collective

12/16 Wednesday 6PM-

A Breathwork Course

Join BYC for an hour of guided breathing techniques. Focused breathwork is a powerful self care tool to down regulate the nervous system, cause calm and clarity and awaken the rest-digest response within.

Ruby Koa- Inspire Studio

12/17 Thursday 11AM-

Find Your Way with Self-Compassion

Learn the difference between self-critism and self-compassion and how each effects our body. We will explore a few movements, yoga postures, and breathing techniques coming from the place of self-compassion. When we can start integrating self-compassion in our everyday lives, self-care comes more naturally and we feel better more of the time.

Melissa Longfellow- Flux Power Yoga

12/17 Thursday 4PM-

Power Yoga for Raw Beginners

This is a chance for anyone of any age, backgorund, fitness level or life experience to discover the energizing and healing effects of Power Yoga. Power or "Vinyasa" Yoga is dynamic, energizing, revitalizing style of yoga that can be adapted for anyone and leave everyone feeling vibrant, sparkly and amazing. Melissa teaches in a friendly, down to earth and accessible way that makes Power Yoga fun and empowering.


Robin Robertson- Bellingham Training & Tennis Club

12/18 Friday 8am 

Indoor Cycling Essentials

Got a stationary bike or a bike on a trainer? Then you won't want to miss this class on how to properly set up your bike for the best fit and to protect your knees, the 6 Comfort Tips for body position, and an introduction to the perfect pedal stroke for more strength and power. Includes the "Bike Fit & Comfort Tips" Cheatsheet emailed to all participants. No experience necessary. Be prepared to ride along with Robin if you can!

Tyler Budwey- Bellingham Training & Tennis Club

12/18 Friday 1PM-

How to Adapt Your Strength Training Program at Home

Learn the essentials of how to transition your workout at the gym to what you can do at home with equipment from around the house. Tyler will show you how to create a workout plan at home. Best for those who are familiar with strength training and don't want to lose out while your gym is closed.

Ingela Abbott- Yoga Northwest

12/20 Sunday 9AM- 

Create Courage and Bliss with a chair midst our crazy pandemic.

Welcome to an hour of "Yoga with a Chair" to help you discover your hidden abilities of balance, strength and flexibility. I'd love to share with you simple movements and breathing exercises you can do by your desk, at home and by your bed to recharge your batteries, improve your posture, release stress and help you sleep better.

Prerequisite: Everybody welcome who has a chair and are ready for an adventure!

Susan D'Onofrio- 8 Petals Yoga

12/20 Sunday 1PM- 

Relaxation for Difficult Times

This class will teach you some simple relaxation techniques to help with stress relief during the pandemic and into the future. You will learn basic restorative poses, yoga nidra, which is a way to slowly and methodically relax your body and can be helpful in getting back to sleep on those restless nights, and an easy mindfulness practice to bring you back into the present when your mind is distracted.

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